General aim of the project

The strategic aims of the MENTOR Project are to ensure beginning teachers build an understanding of curriculum, standards, pedagogy, and how to meet students’ needs. It is to facilitate the natural development of beginning teachers by supporting them in their own settings and ensuring they have the assistance they need to be successful in their everyday job.

The target groups

  • BEGINNING TEACHERS in secondary and high schools.

  • Secondary and high schools LEADERS and other administrative staff.

  • TEACHERS MENTORS in secondary and high schools.

The MENTOR project is designed to prepare teachers experienced in their profession to become mentors for beginning teachers. Moreover, school leaders, other teachers and personnel in secondary and high schools, and last but not least – students - can also benefit from the mentoring program, which is supposed to result in improvements in efficiency of teaching, students’ achievement and teachers’ job satisfaction.

These aims will be achieved by providing the teachers, who have worked long in their profession, with the knowledge and skills needed to become the mentors for beginning teachers. The model of mentoring between teachers will be elaborated on the basis of the desk and questionnaires researches and tested by the teachers in their schools through the whole school year. The model will include trainings for teachers who will become mentors.

The objectives of MENTOR project:

To organize the desk and questionnaire research about the methods (models) of mentoring, especially between teachers in secondary and high schools in EU countries.

To elaborate the method (model) of mentoring between teachers in secondary and high schools.

To design and develop the training modules for secondary and high school teachers mentors.

To organize a set of Training for Teachers Mentors (TTM) aimed at familiarising teachers with the mentoring skills.

To establish a joint infrastructure in order to facilitate sustainable accessibility to the mentoring approach for schools as well as the exchange of scientific information.